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Club Volleyball Success

When we began Mass Premier Volleyball years ago, our teams finished in the C, B and A levels of Nerva Volleyball. Since then, our teams have climbed the ranks, with one team finishing in Open, and most other teams finishing in the A level. We strive to give our players top quality instruction, and are constantly reviewing our coaching and program as a whole to make sure your child has the best experience possible, both on and off the court.

This past season, our teams competed in both the club and open levels at the Boston Pre-qualifier. Our 15 Elite team competed in the 16A division and our 16 Elite team made it as high as the Open Bronze division, finishing in Copper. Our 14s, 17s and 18s teams finished in the A level. We are constantly working to compete at the next level, and anticipating competing at an even higher level this season.

  • 14 Elite- finished in the A division in Nerva
  • 14 Blue
  • 15 Elite- Finished in 16A in Nerva, 3rd in Gold Club at Pre-Q, first in 15 AAU Grand Prix
  • 15 Blue- Finished in 15A, 2nd in AAU Grand Prix
  • 16 Elite- finished in 16 Copper, 3 Open appearances, 1st in 16AA and Copper divisions, runner up in silver bracket of 16 Open at Pre-Q,
  • 5th in club at Winterfest
  • 17 Elite- Finished in 17 A of Nerva, 3rd at AAU Grand Prix, finished in gold bracket of 17 Club at Pre-Q
  • 17 Blue-
  • 18 Elite- 2014 NEQ silver bracket winners 18-club
  • 2014 NERVA 1 first place finish, 2 seconds
  • 2015 NEQ bronze bracket winners 18-club
  • 2015 NERVA 1 first place finish, 1 second


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